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I’ve had a flair for the dramatic from a young age.  From backyard productions of The Sound of Music to a BFA in Music Theatre from Florida State University, I’ve pursed my passions unabashedly.  After 13 years as a professional actor and dancer, I decided to turn my attention to Fitness.  4 years in and I couldn’t be more hooked.  I aim to inspire everyone in my classes to accept challenge.  The first step to victory is just to say “Yes”; I promise to be there every step of the way.  Come prepared to sweat, feel the beat drop, enjoy the show, and leave energized!

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Los Angeles

Long Beach


Courage and Kindness. The world is different now. We have to work a little harder every day take the leap, be courageous and kind in the face of adversity.

Guilty Pleasure

French Fries. Enough said.

Dream Location

Orlando, Florida, so I can be closer to my family!

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