Get to know me

As a former competitive dancer, fitness has always been a crucial part of my life. I became a certified personal trainer at 9 months pregnant, deciding it was finally time to follow my true passion! Although I had always immersed myself in the fitness world, there was something special about Barry’s. The caliber of the workout and the energy it provides is one of a kind.

Come sweat with me in the red room and leave ready to take on your day!



Feeling the energy of the people around me always gives me
inspiration and keeps me feeling refreshed! That goes for
the energy of a packed Red Room at Barry's...there is nothing
like it!

Dream Location

My dream Barry's would be in Paris. I love to travel and Paris
has always been one of my favorite spots. I can’t wait to
check out the studio next time I’m there.

Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is any sort of raw cookie dough, I think I
may enjoy it more than the cookie itself!

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