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Three words to describe my teaching style would be spirited, spicy, and supportive. My classes are energetic & motivational so you can expect to be pushed beyond your comfort zone but leave feeling so damn proud of the work you put in. I’m rooting for you the entire time while also pushing you to new heights so you can hit whatever goals you have. And of course, having fun while doing so!! My favorite day of the week is Wednesday, CHEST, BACK, ABS, and my playlist genre of choice is a mix of EDM, Pop, and Hip Hop.

On a personal note, I can’t live without COFFEE OMG and my guilty pleasure is donuts. I never order less than a half dozen because you need a variety!! My friends often describe me as someone who is always looking for the bright side of things. Even the smallest thing is worth celebrating!

 Instagram: @heathergracekaschak

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