barry's instructor Jeffrey Langewisch wearing black tank
barry's instructor Jeffrey Langewisch wearing black tank


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Physical activity has always been a central part of my life as it inspires synergy of the body and mind. I grew up playing team sports like soccer and participated in individual sports like track and field. After graduating college, I started my full-time career in fitness as a personal trainer. Barry’s was a natural fit that combined values important to me; teamwork, hard work, and trusting yourself. You can always go further with the support of others and the class feels like a team because we give and get energy from each other, while pushing ourselves to our individual limits. It’s like an escape from the ‘real world,’ where often we feel so defined in our lives. It’s amazing what’s possible once you break through old mental and physical barriers, and in my classes, we have an opportunity to do that!

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Northern California

FiDi, SoMa, Marina

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EDM, Remixes, Pop


I can do more than I think I can

Guilty Pleasure

64%-77% Dark Chocolate (I'm particular)

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