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Know your “why” so no “how” will be too hard.

Hey there! I’m Tim – a multiple certified fitness coach, originally from a small city in the northeast of Germany now living in Berlin since 2017. Next to track & field and football, it was the canoe racing sport that has brought me to the combination of strength and endurance training in my early teens. So, whether you want to smash some fire patterns on the treadmill and conquer those weights on the floor or get yourself pumped killing the double floor. I can’t wait to go through this together with you as your personal Cheerleader! Expect some bouncing, techno-infused beats as well as sharing sweat, respect and the best time in that red room.

We’ll keep it clear and simple. Bring the effort – I’ll do the rest for you! 🙂

On a personal note, I can’t live without movement and my guilty pleasures are Berlin Kababs and rewatching Modern Family.

Instagram: @timsommer_




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