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Every day you have the opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.

Hate me now, love me later. Yes, that is exactly the type of coach I am. Getting the best out of you every session. It’s a love-hate relationship you know? Growing up I always found physical activity as a way to escape the things around me. I was the type of guy who participated in every sport there was.  Along the way, I found a love & passion for health and fitness. Words to describe my classes are: motivating, energetic, and fun. Beats timed to perfection, my music will force you to push for that extra 1%. I am a former Professional Rugby player and currently a Personal Trainer. The joy I get from helping people achieve their goals is something I can’t put to words. To know I played a part in someone’s journey is really special to me.

My favourite day of the week: Monday, Arms & Abs, because who doesn’t like having jacked arms?

Guilty Pleasure: Salted Caramel Frappuccino

Instagram Handle: @regan_vdw




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