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What is Barry's RIDE x LIFT?
The newest Barry's innovation utilizing the winning formula for the Best Workout in the World™. Barry’s RIDE x LIFT is a 50-minute class offering high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on an indoor cycling bike paired with traditional strength training on the floor. If you've been to Barry's before, just imagine replacing the treadmill with a bike and you’ve got the picture.
At what studios is RIDE x LIFT offered?
Barry's RIDE x LIFT is offered at our Chelsea studio in NYC and is coming soon to West Hollywood!
Is there a Double Floor option?
At this time, we do not offer a double floor option for Barry's RIDE x LIFT.
Are there special shoes for Barry's RIDE x LIFT?
Yes! We offer Shimano rental shoes for $3 that you can use on the bike and for the floor workout (no time wasted changing shoes!). Or our bikes take SPD and LOOK DELTA clips, but don't forget your sneakers for the floor portion.
Will I be okay if I’m a beginner?
We welcome beginners and meet a lot of them everyday! If it’s your first time, we’ll look after you in any class you choose. Barry’s classes are created for you to challenge yourself — you can set your own level of speed and choose the heaviness of your weights, depending on your experience.
Does the programming on the floor coincide with the days of the week in the Red Room?
Yes, the days of the week on the floor will be same at Barry's RIDE x LIFT as in Barry's RUN x LIFT. Monday - Arms & Abs, Tuesday - Full Body (Lower Focus), Wednesday - Chest, Back & Abs, Thursday - Abs & Ass, Friday - Total Body, Saturday - Full Body (Upper Focus), Sunday - Total Body.
Can I use my membership or class packages for RIDE x LIFT classes?
Yes, you can use any New York City class for our Chelsea studio. We also have limited edition RIDE x LIFT only memberships.
Can I choose whether I start on the bike or on the floor?
Yes, you get to choose your starting spot when you book your class.
Can I do a group booking for RIDE x LIFT?
Yes! Contact the corporate sales team at [email protected] for pricing.