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Yes that’s my real name, let’s party!

I am a Bay Area native who has had a passion for fitness my entire life. Since I was young, I participated in many different sports, and I had always envisioned myself as a teacher so it was apparent that my future was destined for being a fitness instructor!

My fitness career began back in 2013, and I quickly got trained for a variety of group fitness specialties.

I found Barry’s and immediately fell in love with the workouts, the people, and the overall energy that is only seen inside the Red Room. I strive to create a place where every person who puts themselves through a challenging workout feels a sense of accomplishment. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because we grow through what we go through!

Find me on IG @baddnboozey


Northern California

Santana Row, Palo Alto

Music Style

Hip-Hop, EDM & throwback jams…anything you can twerk to.

Guilty Pleasure

Vegan desserts and potatoes of all sorts.

Favourite Day

Abs and Ass day because I like to work my peach off.

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