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Health and wellness have revolutionized my life. Though you’ll find me head down in tech sales during the day, but fitness is my main passion morning through night.

As an athlete and certified personal trainer, it is my goal to motivate you beyond what you thought was possible. At times, I even do it with my shirt on (insert eye roll).

It is truly remarkable what’s possible once you break through mental and physical barriers. There is no better feeling than witnessing clients push themselves beyond their limit and realizing their strength.

I challenge each client to be better than their last class — whether that’s a faster speed, further distance, heavier weights, more reps, you name it. You decide how you want to feel when you leave that red room, I’m just there to make you laugh along the way.

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Northern California

Castro, Marina, FiDi, SoMa


My family. They’ve been in the fitness industry for 40+ years. A dumbbell was practically my first toy as a kid.

Guilty Pleasure

Cookies. All the cookies

Favourite Day

Mondays & Full Body days.

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