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I grew up in the South Bay, jumping out of the surf and off to every sports practice imaginable.  Movement has always been my medicine, mind, body, and soul.  My love of teamwork, competitive spirit, and obsession with sports performance training led me to play NCAA college basketball for 4 years before taking my hoop dreams overseas to play point guard professionally in Italy.

When I returned to the California, I was hung up my basketball shoes, and dove into fitness modeling full-time between Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.  Still, I was hungry for a competitive outlet without the constant pressure I’d felt on my shoulders since I was very young.  With a B.S. in Kinesiology; Exercise Science and an NSCA Strength and Conditioning background, I explored the group fitness space in search of that same “electricity” I’d felt throughout my body when warm-up music blared on the court right before tipoff.  BARRY’S IS THIS PLACE FOR ME! Now, I’m dishing out endorphins, like I did assists! 😉

From my classes, clients can expect to be coached like an athlete AND be surrounded with fun, upbeat energy! Work hard; play hard; I believe BOTH are crucial for the longevity of your fit body and inspired mind! From heavy weights to booty-burning bands, we’ll celebrate YOU showing up to be the very best version of yourself—whatever that means for you on any given day.  Emphasizing more than just PR’s, my goal for each client is to become confident and intuitive with their strong, resilient body.  Every session we’ll find a new way to push you to your edge and steal a couple of smiles along the way.  I can’t wait to send you out flying out of the Red Room, abundant with energy to devote to the most important people and things in your life!

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South Bay

South Bay


Post-workout brunch

Guilty Pleasure

Dark chocolate for breakfast. I don’t believe in waiting for dessert.


A whole avocado sprinkled with Himalyan Pink Salt, cracked black pepper, & a drizzle of EVOO. Nom nom nom…

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