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Join me for a workout that’s more than just a sweat – it’s a party with dumbbells!  Three words that describe me are passionate, fun-loving, and motivated.   My classes are energizing and innovative.   Clients can expect that every class is a chance for growth – I’ll push you beyond your limits!  My favorite day of the week is Total Body and my playlist includes House, Pop, Techno, and EDM.

As a fitness economist, I have nurtured my passion for sport and fitness over the years. After a long time competing in vaulting and the Quadrathlon (running, swimming, and riding), I’ve turned to fitness, running, and HIIT, competing in Hyrox (I qualified for the Hyrox World Championship in Manchester in 2023), while also chasing half-marathons (Hamburg is my absolute favorite). I’m always open to new challenges, but boutique fitness and HIIT stole my heart and are my all-time favorites!

On a personal note, I can’t live without Cinnamon.

Instagram: @lisa__wo




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