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I am mom, financial advisor and Barry’s addict (well duh!) Working out isn’t just about fitness, but also mental health.  It’s such a cliché, but you will never regret a work out.

I grew up playing football and later moved my workouts to the gym. However, after I had my son I needed the most effective way to work out. Name a better work out than Barry’s….(I’ll wait). I’m so glad I can be both on the treadmills taking class and now behind the mic instructing in the Red Room!

You can expect me to motivate you through the class, fun music and lot of smiles!





My colleagues, family and the most important part of Barry’s – the customers that give their everything every time they enter The Red Room.


Fries & Diet Coke.

Music Style

Hip hop, RnB and all music with a great beat drop.

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