Black and white illustration of three Barry's Bootcamp Fuel Bar cups
Black and white illustration of three Barry's Bootcamp Fuel Bar cups

Fuel Bar

Our health & wellness hub

Two women wearing activewear back to back smiling with purple and yellow Fuel Bar drinks
Why the Fuel Bar?

Fuel Better. Feel Better.

The Fuel Bar has everything from performance enhancers to muscle recovery. Refresh and rebuild with customized shakes and grab and go goodies.

Muscle repair

Not only does Protein play a role in your body’s ability to grow muscle mass (i.e. TONE), but protein intake contributes to DNA repair. We offer whey isolate, vegan, or egg white protein at all of our Fuel Bars.  

Decrease soreness

Protein consumption and supplementation is one way to decrease delayed onset muscle soreness. (a potential result of your hard work in the Red Room). Each shake on our menu couples a protein and carbohydrate source to promote speedy exercise recovery.

Stay on track

Our menu offers alternative options for sources of protein, dairy and healthy fats. Don’t forget to check out the add-ons– Your shake can be as basic or complex as you make it.

feelin’ like a snack

Our shakes vary from a post-workout snack, to a meal replacement you can down on the go. Customize based on your personal goals and order according to your needs. Pre-order before class, so your fuel is ready when you are.


Let's shake on it

The party isn't over until you hit the bar.

Barry’s is our Happy Hour… whether you’re looking to muscle up or stay lean we’ve got just what your body needs to refuel, recover, and re-energize for next time.

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