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My nickname is mall-the-machine. I’m a tiny plug of power, living in Bergen and I love hiking and running on incline! In classes you’ll see that I’m passionate about a nice flow and some banging beats. I always program a nice flow and make sure there is meaning behind every single move inside the Red Room. I love to push my clients and make them reach their goals, almost without even noticing. The class will be over in a sec, and as you walk out that door giving me one hefty and loud high five, I promise you it’ll be all worth it.





People who genuinely cheer for others to succeed. And, of course my parents; they’re incredible.

Guilty Pleasure

It’s either cooking shows in the kitchen for 3-4-5 hours straight, or to compete against myself all the way up at Ulriken.


I’m never afraid of a challenge. In 2018, I was asked to join ”Bergen Fjellmaraton” 1,5 hour before start. Of course, I said yes!

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