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Despite being born in London, I’m a country boy at heart. My two great loves are acting and fitness. Both demand dedication, hard work and constantly striving for that next great performance. I’ve been a spin instructor for several years and when I attended my first Barry’s back in 2017, I became an avid fan. Why? Easy: the trainers: terrific. The clients: committed. The workout: only the best in the world – what’s not to love?

I feel privileged to be part of the Fit Fam and cannot wait to welcome you to the Red Room and help you work your ass off! It will never be easy in my class, but I guarantee it will be worth the struggle.



witnessing the moment you decide to try something you’ve never dared before. The extra point of speed, the slightly heavier weight, holding that plank for just a few more seconds. Whether you succeed or fail, at least you tried.

Music Style

Eclectic…but with a penchant for banging remixes of the UK Top 40 throughout the years – music you can’t help but vibe to!

Favourite Day

Wednesday, Chest Back and Abs – nothing like walking out of the room feeling like you have the torso of a Greek god!

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