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Originally a political science major, Michael started out his career in politics and government affairs. After 7 years in politics, he ditched the suit and pursued his dream career in fitness in NYC. Group fitness was always a large part of his day as long hours on the road and in the office didn’t allow for long sessions in the gym. His career background helps him to connect with those he now trains as he understands how valuable those 50 minutes in the red room truly are. He expects a lot when you step into his class, but he will give you everything he has to lead you through. Coaching and creating strong programs are his passion. As a perfectionist, no details are skipped, ensuring you an efficient and effective workout delivering results.



Miami Beach


Clients and members who show up every day no matter how hectic their schedules may be.

Favourite Day

Chest / Back / Abs


Hummus and olives!

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