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Three words to describe my teaching style would be enthusiatic, charismatic and motivating. My classes are challenging and inclusive so expect a energetic workout with a banging playlist to get you to that last 30 second push of class. We are all at different levels of fitness and I’m here to be your personal cheerleader through every moment of it. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday Total Body – Lower Body Focus, I’m known by my friends as #quadzilla and love a good leg day. My playlist genre of choice is EDM, R&B, and Pop-Music.
On a personal note, I can’t live without is lipgloss, my lips always need to look juicy and my guilty pleasure is Whole Foods Mac n’ Cheese from the hot bar. My friends would describe me as vivacious, outgoing, bubbly, spontaneous, and resilient. Catch me in the RedRoom or just about any Music Festival you can think of!
Instagram: @mattmatt143


San Diego

San Diego

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