Barry's instructor Tommy Stracke shirtless
Barry's instructor Tommy Stracke shirtless


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Three words to describe my teaching style would be energetic, powerful, and uplifting. My classes are vivacious and motivating so you can expect high energy, and a vigorous and inspirational class. My favorite day of the week is Saturday FULL BODY – UPPER BODY FOCUS, and my playlist genre of choice is Pop EDM.

On a personal note, I can’t live without lobster mac & cheese and my guilty pleasure is coffee. My friends  would describe me as playful, empathic, funny, caring, loyal and loving…Kinda the full package lol 😉

Instagram: @strackeattack

You can find me in the Red Room in Northern California and on Barry’s X.


Northern California

FiDi, SoMa, Marina


My older brother - he and his friends would sneak me into their college gym and it's been my sanctuary ever since


Don't fail to try. Try to fail.

Dream Location

One of my favorite escapes - Key West, Florida

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