Headshot of instructor Michael Pugliese in black Barry's Bootcamp tank top on white background
Instructor Michael Pugliese in black Barry's Bootcamp tank top holding dumbbells on white background


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From a young age I loved to teach and  thought surely this would lead me into a career educator. In college, discovered a passion for dance and spent years dancing on several cruise ships and a Broadway national tour. During my time at sea and on the road, fitness became an important outlet to shaping my physical limits and to mentally escape the challenges of life on the road. With the skills of a teacher, the energy of a performer, and an aptitude for fitness l couldn’t be more excited to bring my passions together for a career as an instructor with the Barry’s family! 

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That next slice of pizza!

Dream Location

Anywhere close to the beach. Don’t need to shower, just jump in the water!!

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