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Originally born in Jordan, I moved to the UK when I was five years old and threw myself into nearly every sport growing up. Swimming, tennis, football you name it, I was there!  I soon discovered I was a strong runner and started to compete regularly in half marathons and triathlons, managing a speedy 1hour 20min for my half marathon in recent years! My love for running has transcended into the red room and if I’m not serving you up some spicy runs on the treadmill you can be sure to catch me running next to you in class 😉 

I pride myself on knowing how to get the most out of my clients so if you want a fun, varied, challenging and sweaty session get yourself booked in. See you in the red room!



I’m inspired by all the professional athletes out there who dedicate hours day in and day out to be the at the top of their game!

Favourite Day

Love leg day and that lower body burn

Music Style

Feel good house music and high energy remixes to help take you to the next level during class!

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