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I was born and raised in Monza, near Milan.

In 2011, a motorbike accident changed my life; I have been working on my body to achieve regain my strength, starting with bodybuilding. Because I love a challenge, I practice a variety of training methods to achieve my goals. I will take my passion for sports and knowledge of many workout styles into the Red Room.

Having a degree in graphic design has allowed me to be creative – this is why I see the Red Room as my blank canvas and the clients as my best paintings.

My first class at Barry’s was unforgettable – After the first transition, I was about to give up… but that never happened. I didn’t give up – I challenged myself – and I finished it.

Join my classes! I’ll give you all the tools to overcome your limits.



City Life, Senato


Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

Music Style

EDM-Dance / Techno / Rap.

Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate Covered Orange Peels.

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