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After a four year stint in advertising I realised life behind a desk just wasn’t for me. So I swapped my heels for sneaks and never looked back! At the time I didn’t realise my lifelong fling with sports and fitness could be a full-time thing, but then I met Barry’s and soon made it one.  

I grew up competing in team sports, from athletics and cross-country to tennis and horse riding. I was always the smallest kid on the team but, don’t be fooled, I’m stronger than you think! Functional training is my thing – I LOVE anything that makes you fitter, faster and stronger.  

Barry’s is good for your body, but GREAT for your soul. There’s a reason why it’s the best workout in the world! You’ll push harder, go beyond your limits and walk out with confidence you never knew you had. 




My mum - she’s the most competitive person I know. She always encouraged me to push harder, to be better and never let anyone stand in my way.

Favourite Day

Total Body - all my favourites rolled into one.


I never forget a face!

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