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Jason has always been active and played most sports or physical activities you could throw at him. This in turn has led him to walk (or run) down this fitness path. He has worked in gyms, personal trained, physically instructed and even coached teams but found himself falling out of love with the fitness industry due to lack of inspiration. Then he found Barry’s – it gave him a new energy that he wants to share with any client and keep the standard of ‘the best workout in the world’ at exactly that!



Family and friends. I have been taught to work hard. I have been shown what and why we sacrifice. I have seen what persistence and determination can get you (and get you through). I have developed perspective and patience that, if you believe in yourself and dream hard enough you can achieve your goals no matter who you are or where your from!

Music Style

I produce music outside of Barrys so to be able to bring that element to my classes makes it the party you have been looking for!

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