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Born and raised in North Vancouver, and attending the University of British Columbia to complete my BCOM, I definitely don’t fall short of being a “Vancouverite” through and through – yes, I shamelessly love Cactus Club Cafe. Growing up I competed at both a national and international level in Gymnastics for 16 years, which serves as the base for my fitness profession. Being an active individual growing up, I find passion in seeing people pursue their journey at all ages. What you can expect from my class is the ability to tap into that place where you find a little more push, a little more discomfort, to only leave you feeling accomplished and like a superhuman. Of course, this feeling is perfectly paired with the heavy beats and hip/hop I love to help power you through. I just want to see you SPRINT! 





Seeing people constantly rock up, give 150%, and push past their comfort zone.

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