Barry's Bootcamp instructor Kelly Whittaker in black Barry's Sports bar. One hand on head and the other on hip.
Barry's Bootcamp instructor Kelly Whittaker in black tank. Both hands on hip.


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I ripped off my blazer and waved “Adios!” to the corporate world in order to work at Barry’s full time, starting in June 2014.

I believe that everyone has an inner athlete just waiting to be unleashed. These days, if you want to catch me, you’d better run. When I’m not teaching or taking class at Barry’s, I’m likely to be doing a marathon — or at least jogging down the Esplanade. Zoom!

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Chestnut Hill, Downtown

Back Bay

Back Bay


I am inspired by the clients who come in here and push themselves day in and day out.


I've run 19 full marathons and PR'd this past October in 2:58:08.

And Finally

There is nothing better than seeing hard work pay off and goals being crushed. 

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