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I was enrolled in dance (all types- you name it, I did it) from ages 3-18 and as I got older dance became much more of a conditioning and athletic activity, committing up to 20 hours a week outside of school. I then became an avid gym-goer, runner and indoor cyclist and eventually fell in love with the motivating power of group fitness.  My passion for music and the energy it brings is a big driver in my class.  In the red room you can expect the best vibes, epic tracks and high energy, making you want to lift heavier and run faster, pushing you to be your best and strongest self. There is nothing comparable to the feeling after a Barry’s class. You leave that room with the biggest smile on your face knowing you just worked the hardest you possibly could. That is exactly how I felt after my first class in Toronto and let me tell you… it’s addicting! In my classes you will leave feeling proud, strong, endorphin-high and already wanting to come back for more!



Richmond, Yorkville

Guilty Pleasure

Love Island


Perfectly popped stovetop popcorn

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Wednesday - Chest Back and Abs baby!!

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