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Nathan (also known as MoreGainz101) is best known for his infectious energy, banging playlists and challenging workouts; Nathan has taken the Red Room by storm. A life-long health and fitness fanatic, Nathan was first introduced to Barry’s in 2015, but took a whole 3 years to actually enter the Red Room after a relentless crusade from his good friend Jen. Participating in his first class in Dec 2018, Nathan was instantly hooked. “I’d never done anything like it…it was unreal”. In 2022, Nathan became an official Barry’s Instructor and the rest is history. Nathan writes his class programme akin to how he trains himself – with a focus on executing and progressing the basics, exceptionally well. Add in a dollop of fun and vibez, and you’ve got yourself a MoreGainz class.

The first instructor to teach regular classes in London, Manchester and now Liverpool. “I try to bring the best of every studio, to every class I teach”. 

“I LOVE that Red Room. Whether it’s teaching classes or doing classes; I just can’t get enough”

Inspiration:  Without a doubt…my Barry’s Fam. My teammates, but more importantly the Barry’s clients. I never cease to be absolutely awe-inspired after a class, where I see clients continue to find more and more gears.

Music Style: In a word….VIBEZ. Literally everything from Ibiza Vibez to Hip Hop Vibez to Abba Vibez. You never know what you’re going to get with me, but one thing you can be sure of is VIBEZ.

Favourite Day: Total Body – love a complete blitz of head to toe.


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