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Three words to describe my teaching style would be energetic, empowering, and extra spicy. Whether it’s the beat drop or my motivation, we’ll work HARD, lift HEAVY and sprint FAST! You’ll leave my classes drenched in sweat and feeling like an absolute beast!
Together we’ll conquer challenges, break limits, and achieve goals you never thought were possible. My favourite day of the week is Tuesday FULL BODY – LOWER BODY FOCUS and you can expect to hear Deep House & Rave Cave beats. Let’s party!
On a personal note, I can’t live without sour keys (the giant ones) and I’ve rewatched The Office 1 million times. My friends would say I’m a genuine, positive and energetic person who never backs out of a challenge. Like doing 12 hours of burpees? YEP – I have a Guinness World Record to prove it! Come join the Burpee Queen in the Red Room today.

Instagram: @sara.prooo



Yorkville, Richmond

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