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I began my fitness career as a Rec Center Zumba coach in my Alabama hometown. When I moved to New York City, my Zumba ladies checked in on me even more often than my Mom, so I quickly understood the power of a fitness family and have been relying on it ever since. I joined the Barry’s Fitfam in New York City, as a client in 2015, and as an instructor in 2016. There’s absolutely nothing in the world like it. I can’t wait to bring the magic of Barry’s to Germany. 

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RBG, …and witnessing the vulnerability and commitment-to-self it takes from every Barry’s family member to show up daily and try again, for faster speeds, for heavier lifts, and for mental strength.

Guilty Pleasure

Zimtschnecke (English translation: slightly-upgraded Cinnamon Rolls)


Nobody can stop me.

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