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Nick’s personal fitness programming style is ‘Everything you need, nothing you don’t.’ He’s kinda like the Volvo of fitness. 

Nick is not your ordinary coach. According to him, and we can neither confirm or deny, he wasn’t blessed with great genetics, doesn’t have abs, devilishly good looks or a sparkling smile. He would probably look more at home on the website of a Motorcycle Gang than on the Barry’s Berlin Instructor team.BUT, he’s been coaching since he was 19, and you don’t spend that long passionately working on something without getting damn good at it.  

His career has taken him all over the world and when he’s not coaching at Barry’s, he is working with Hollywood stars to get them fit for their next role. His mantra: Ordinary is boring. Come and join him in the Red Room and be Extraordinary.




Music Style

Nick's music style is mash-ups, throw backs, and remixes you can sing along to (if you can catch your breath)!

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