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Fitness has been a part of my life since I was young. Born and raised in Miami, I played competitive tennis as a junior until I decided to join my high school rowing (crew) team. I rowed Division I at MIT until I experienced a serious lower back injury where I had to stop. I told myself I had get back to doing something active, so I decided to try something new. I picked up dance and discovered a newfound passion for movement, music, and mind-body connection. Today as a full-time strategy consultant in financial services, I prioritize getting a workout in everyday for both my physical and mental well-being. As an instructor, my primary goal is to make sure you, whether new to fitness or not, get the most out of your 60 minutes (only 4% of your day!) with me in the Red Room. My only rules are to be safe, work hard, and trust me – I’ve got you covered. Now, LET’S GO!

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Northern California

Castro, FiDi, Marina


Smoothies and acai bowls.

Guilty Pleasure

Spending hours exploring a city and its architecture, with a smoothie in hand.


Mom & Dad.

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