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What I love the most about group fitness is the energy created during the training. With my basketball background, I’m all about a team effort: if I can do it, you can do it, so let’s win together! I was born in France and I studied in the US. While not at Barry’s, I also work in marketing, fashion and communication, but my passion remains in coaching and helping others to get to their full potential!

Every time you decide to go for a sweat is a good decision. I’m here to give you the best experience while you are in the Red Room! Music is very important to me because when I teach my class, my mix of hip hop and some club bangers will carry you further than expected!

Join me for a class and I promise you, like the great Christopher Wallace said, « Sky’s the limit ». 





“Inspire people so they can be great in whatever they do"

Music Style

Rap Us, Hip-Hop, Trap, and Electro.

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