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Three words to describe my teaching style would be dynamic, energetic and flowing. My classes are intense and detailed so you can expect a very thorough and detailed workout structured specifically to address the clients needs and wants. I want to make sure every client leaves feeling like they worked hard but also trained smart in order to reach their goals. My favorite day of the week is Friday FULL BODY, and my playlist genre of choice is EDM, COUNTRY, HIP HOP. 

On a personal note, I can’t live without dancing..love tearing up the dance floor. Who doesn’t?  My guilty pleasure is a weakness for the sweetness. I love desserts/sweets.  My friends would say I’m a maniac lol – someone who has many interests and skills but not particularly good at any of them. A man of many talents.. few of them any good. 

Instagram: Alltheway_cj


Northern California

Marina, Castro, FiDi

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