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I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, so I am French Canadian. I grew up as an athlete but it’s my professional dance career that had me move to Paris, New York and then Sydney, Australia where I became a Barry’s instructor. I am now moving across Canada to be a founding Vancouver instructor, and I could not be more excited to continue doing the job I love on home turf! As a certified trainer who is passionate in strength and conditioning, you can expect my class to have some solid programming, fun runs and big powerful tunes!





Anyone who is brave enough to do what they LOVE every damn day and people who are truly confident in themselves.

Guilty Pleasure

Miss Vickies Spicy Dill Pickle chips and an Aperol Spritz! Ouh but I also love red wine and a poutine! Oh and Swedish Berries - I can’t just pick one!

Favourite Day

Friday or Sunday - Total Body!

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