Barry's Bootcamp trainer Zebastian Gudmundsson in a boxing position on a white background.


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Training has always been an important part of my life. Boxing got me completely hooked at a young age; the physical effort it requires and the results that came with it was highly encouraging and I started to compete early on which was an incredible experience. It required the most of my physical and mental abilities and has taught me that discipline, focus, and desire create the base for whatever goal you are determined to achieve. Also, that success does not come easy and that winning feels so much better if you first break a sweat for it.

Today I work as a coach / personal trainer with 10 years of experience working in Sweden and abroad. I’m a restless soul, always in search of new kicks. This has led me to compete in OCR (obstacle course racing). I have competed around the world at a professional level and participated in both the European Championships and the World Championships.

I believe that change starts from within and that your daily choices make your long-term results. During my workouts at BARRY’S I’ll give you the right tools and motivation to achieve your personal fitness goals. See you in the Red Room!





People that don't just dare to dream, but also try to reach those dreams. Regardless of what you want and where you are at the moment. I'm so amazed by people that give it all no matter the task at hand, that's some good motivation!

And Finally

Welcome to my classes! Try it out, feel the vibe, meet some great people and most importantly, remember to have fun!

Guilty Pleasure

It depends.. there is a lot of nice things to eat, but this summer it has been ice cream... A LOT of ice cream!

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