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Hermione comes from a team sports background, playing Lacrosse for England at school/uni, alongside various sports teams beginning in her childhood. She values the emotion and fire that team sports can bring to anyone and something she feels group fitness creates in its own very special way. Sport has always been in her life, starting with sprinting across the lawn with her older brothers, defeating them by age 4. Her mum always said she had two speeds: ‘running or sleeping’.. little has changed. As a (very) competitive track & field athlete, you know her run patterns will be SPICY and her strength programs will be tough and technical. She’ll always treat you like an athlete when you step in the Red Room with her, and make you feel like a champion when you leave.  






Hermione's inspiration is Sally Gunnel. Being British record holder/ Gold medal winning Olympian for 400m hurdles is Hermione's dream, and Sally G still holds that record to date. She is a GOAT.   


Hermione's go-to snack is strawberry sour pencils (aka the greatest sweets on earth).

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