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I owe A LOT to Barry’s. Having left university, I fell into modeling but found myself coasting – I needed and craved more. Born and bred in London, sports and physical fitness has ALWAYS been my number one passion. Nothing gets the juices flowing for me more than hard work in a team environment where we are all coming together to achieve the same goal. I am a big believer that “when talent doesn’t work hard, hard work beats talent.” You don’t have to be physically the strongest, but if your mental game is right ANYTHING is possible. 



My mother, you’ll understand when you meet her! Find me a better feeling in the world than hearing your mum say, “I’m proud of you, son.”

Guilty Pleasure

Giant Dairy Milk chocolate buttons. Always giant. Always

Favourite Day

Tuesdays: where all the power comes from! Never ever neglect those pins.

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