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Just a French-American discovering my French nationality and creating my life in Paris. I was a high level gymnast for 14 years, that following a back injury, found my love for lifting and the importance of movement. I graduated Georgia State University in Exercise Science and moved to Arizona to work with clients ranging anywhere from professional athletes to your hard working parent.

My goal as a coach is to educate in better movement and inspire my clients to be their strongest selves, as they inspire me to be the best coach I can be daily. Being a Barry’s instructor allows me to connect my sports background and performance style training in a 50min, high intensity training session with all fitness levels! We all have that inner athlete and I am here to bring it out of you!





“ We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are” AKA – Level Up!!

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Hip-Hop, Trap, and all remixes with a good beat!

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