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I’m an active girl who loves to stay in shape! I also love to be outside, enjoying nature and being around people. This is why I love my job at Barry’s – being around so many amazing people every day, helping them get in shape and pushing them to reach their goals!

Barry’s is a perfect workout; it helps me train a variety of muscle groups, keeps my core in shape and it’s amazing conditioning. And it is aaaalways FUN! LOVE how the Red Room makes me feel.  I have a trainer-course that includes HIIT, kettlebells, bodyweight training, catslide and aerobics. My background with my education as a kindergarten teacher suits this job perfectly – I’m educational and good with people, and I’m never afraid of putting myself out there.





People who never give up, even when life hard. I meet lots of tough personalities at Barry’s, and I admire every single one of them.

Music Style

A combination of Hip Hop, old classics, techno and the newest new stuff!

Dream Location

Why dream about something you already have? See you at Barry’s Fana!

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