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Can you live without training? In my mind, that option doesn’t exist. Since I can remember, I’ve been practicing sports: basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, boxing. It’s not that I’m obsessed; I just love what I do. And all that love for sports, I share it in my classes: energy, motivation, and knowledge. As a young person, I had very unhealthy eating habits, which led me down the wrong path, causing damage to my body and my physical and mental health. After starting to study nursing, I realized that I was passionate about fitness, and I decided to bet everything on what I loved the most: helping people change as I had done. So, I put all my effort into it, and after 10 years, I have no regrets. 

Three words to describe my teaching styles are dynamic, variety and motivational. My favorite day of the week to take class is Monday without a doubt and my playlist genre of choice is techno, electric latino and Pop. On a personal note, I can’t live without a sunny day and my guilty pleasure is my mother’s cake. My friends would say I’m positive, kind, attentive and funny! 

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