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I got into fitness professionally in my 30’s. Once I started there was no going back. I just got addicted to moving and started learning and practicing different disciplines that challenged my body to move in different ways and at different intensities. I’ve been a weightlifter all my life but have played around with kettlebells, practiced yoga and animal flow, completed a half IronMan and played around with many other different sports that in one way or another develop a different aspect of fitness.

Three words to describe my teaching styles would be motivating, empowering and reliable. Two words to describe my classes would be challenging and invigorating. My playlist genre of choice is electronic. Clients can expect that their muscles are going to burn, heart is going to pump and a fun yet intense cardio workout; all at the sync of the music.
My friends would describe attentive, compassionate, smiley, empathetic, positive, down to earth and energetic. My favorite day of the week to take class is the weekends, everyone is in better mood.

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