barry's instructor Ingrid Clay in sports bra posing with dumbbells
barry's instructor Ingrid Clay in sports bra


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I’ve always been immersed in both the fitness and nutrition worlds. Having started cooking classes at age 6, combined with a long standing career in track and field as a State Qualifying Long Jumper and Sprinter, I realized at an early age the value of nutrition and exercise. With over 10 years in the industry, I’m a Puma Team Faster Athlete, Certified Personal Trainer, competitive bodybuilder (nationally qualifying in bikini and figure) and Master Trainer here at Barry’s. I’m also the owner and operator of ClayFormations, a customized meal prepping and delivery company.

I specialize in body sculpting, nutrition planning, and strength and conditioning. I believe women shouldn’t be afraid of weights and I teach them how to lift and sculpt the bodies they desire. I know how to get results and transform bodies. I’ll tone up your legs, plump your booty and sculpt your back… all while making you laugh and sweat!

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