HELL WEEK IS BACK | April 22-28


Finish all 7 classes by April 28 and win a $30 online retail gift card from the Barry's Shop, plus 700 stars in The Academy, our loyalty program. Be sure to join The Academy to be eligible for prizes.*

Prizes vary for Miami and Canada studios. Client must be a member of The Academy by April 28, 2024 in order to participate in and win a prize.

Hell Week FAQS

Do I need to sign up for the challenge?
There are no sign-ups for this challenge but you must be enrolled in the Academy. Take 7 classes in 7 days and they will automatically be tracked.
Is there a prize for the challenge?
Finisher prize is a $30 gift card + 700 Academy stars for completion but you MUST be signed up for the Academy in order to score the points! *Prizes vary by region. Miami and Canada clients please visit your local studio to find out more about your prizes.
Can a client complete the challenge in more than one studio?
Yes! Classes taken throughout studios in the US and Canada will count towards Hell Week.
I just started at Barry's can I do this?
Barry’s is inclusive. Everyone can do this! We encourage you to modify if necessary. Don’t forget to notify your instructor of any injuries or concerns.
Is there a special package for Hell Week?
No, any current package or membership can be used to take your 7 classes.

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