Barry’s 25th Birthday


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How do I RSVP?

Remember, you must have taken 25 paid classes in order to RSVP.
When will I know if I have received tickets?
Once you have RSVP’d, you will receive an email on or after September 14 letting you know whether your tickets are confirmed or if you are still on the waitlist. You must have taken 25 paid classes in 2023 to be eligible for tickets, and an RSVP does not guarantee a ticket. Ticket recipients are chosen completely at random from everyone who has RSVP’d.
How / When will I know if I'm off the waitlist?
We will let you know on or after September 14 if you have received tickets. If you do not receive tickets at this point, you will remain on the waitlist. Ticket recipients are chosen completely at random. From this point, as spots become available, you will hear from us by September 28 to know if you are off the waitlist. After this point, there will be no more tickets offered.
How long do I have before I need to confirm?
After you receive the email from us with your ticket, you have seven days to confirm that you are going to attend. If you are not able to attend, please notify us as soon as you know by emailing [email protected].
I can't come anymore - what should I do?
If you can’t come anymore, email [email protected] to cancel your ticket so we can get someone else off the waitlist!
Will my guest be receiving an invite to the party as well? Or will I need to send her/him the information?
If you make it off the waitlist, you will receive the tickets for you and your guest. Barry’s will not directly notify your guest.
I have a friend who really wants to come, can I bring someone?
If you RSVP requesting a plus one and get off the waitlist, you will get two tickets and can bring anyone to the celebration with you.
What’s the address of the party?
846 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Enter via Lillian Way
What's the dress code?
Cocktail attire—it’s a party, make it fun! No workout clothes, save that for class.
What time does it start and what time do I need to get there?
The party starts at 8PM and ends at 12AM. You’re going to want to get there on time, so that you don’t miss out on any detail that we have planned for the night— and trust us, we have a lot in store for you.
Where should I go to pick up my wristband before the party?
You can pick up your wristband at the Hollywood studio from Tuesday (October 3) to Thursday (October 5) between 8am and 4pm.
I’m travelling out of town, where should I stay?
While you can stay anywhere that you choose, we recommend the Dream Hollywood as the perfect oasis that is close to the birthday celebration venue. If you receive tickets to the party, we will let you know how to proceed with booking your stay at the Dream Hollywood with an exclusive rate!
I can't come anymore, can I have someone I know take my spot?
No. We are so excited to celebrate this milestone with you all, and we tried to include as many people as we could. Some people who meet all the requirements were still not able to receive tickets and are patiently waiting on the waitlist. If you can no longer attend, please let us know so that we can extend the invite to those who are on the waitlist!
I can't come anymore, but my guest is coming - is that ok?
No. If you can’t make it anymore, your guest’s RSVP is tied directly to yours.
Does going to the party get me a spot in the biggest class?
No, party tickets do not automatically grant you access to the classes. Everyone is invited to book a spot in class using an LA Metro credit. Each person must book their own spot in class.


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