Barry's Instructor Barry Jay in black tank
Barry's Instructor Barry Jay in black tank


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I moved from New York City to Los Angeles in the early ‘80s with no other plan in mind than to become a songwriter. During a stint as a client service rep at a local gym in West Hollywood, I realized the countless benefits of a career in fitness and drifted organically towards a career as a trainer.

I freely admit that I didn’t choose the fitness world, the fitness world chose me. This passion came naturally and I sought out to establish my own brand of military-inspired exercise with the atmosphere of your favorite night spot. Through paths aligning and investors investing, I’ve helped successfully developed my concept into the international brand it is today.

Although I started it all, I always continue to learn from my colleagues and I never cease to be inspired by other Barry’s trainers. I’m a true believer in connecting individually with clients. I’m as approachable as I am knowledgeable, and I’m always happy to offer advice and answer questions.


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