Things I love with Mercedes Owens

  • 1. @beam cbd hydrogel— it’s perfect for the little aches and pains you get from working from home. I use it before and sometimes during a workout because it acts fast and dries faster.
  • 2. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer— I have super curly hair and live the sweat life which means my hair honestly doesn’t get washed as often as it probably should. So, investing in good hair care products really pays off for both my lifestyle and my split-ends. When you’re just going to sweat the next day, who wants to spend an hour drying their hair? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • 3. Nike Superrep sneakers— these sneakers have been my go-to training shoe for Barry’s At Home. We’ve gotten really creative with the cardio aspect of Barry’s At Home programming and the Superreps have helped absorb a lot of the impact my body is feeling when teaching 2 or three classes a day.
  • 4. Barry’s Fit High Waist Speed Tight— every time a new Fit Speed Tight drops, I do what I can to cop a pair. They’re truly my favorite tights and don’t even get me started on the new shiny black foil tight that just landed on the site. MUST HAVE.
  • 5. Topo Chico— I seriously, and I cannot stress this enough, believe Topo has gotten me through some tough times and some good (maybe too good) times. I don’t drink caffeine so first thing in the morning I like to treat myself to a Topo bc it’s an instant mood booster if you’re a fan of sparkling water. Pro tip: If you see a grapefruit flavored Topo Chico, buy it and thank me later.

Published by Barry's in AT-HOME on May 13, 2020

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