If you’ve taken an at-home class with Philadelphia instructor Austin Kanavins, you know he’s made himself…well…right at home when it comes to his fitness.

When we asked him how he made the transition from the Red Room to the virtual room, he responded, “I love working out from home for the amount of time it saves in my day!  Time is the most valuable asset there is, and being able to take a challenging and efficient workout all without leaving my house has benefitted me in more ways than one.”

Austin continues, “From a coaching standpoint, I enjoy teaching the at-home classes to show clients that a gym is not a place, more so a state of mind.

Wow, read that again, would ya?

He expands, “No matter if it is the red room, your living room, or a sunny patch of grass at the park, your mindset should be the same.  You commit to your body and mind by working hard, being nice, and having fun.”

As if the above wasn’t enough…the cherry on top? “I have been loving teaching these online classes because it locks me into 2-3 workouts per day, and I have been getting swoll as sh*t!!”

Who says at-home workouts aren’t effective?! Not us.

Published by Barry's in FITNESS on November 3, 2020

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