How do you stay motivated to keep active / keep a healthy routine? I

It’s all about keeping it simple. People often overthink fitness and feel like they have to put in 45 min to an hour of work every day. In reality, it’s just important to move your body 30-35 min a day. Setting simple and attainable goals helps me stay motivated in my healthy lifestyle and active daily routines.  

What’s your favorite Super Coffee flavor and why?

Vanilla Super Espresso! It’s perfect for on the go and is a great kick start to my day.

What does your daily routine look like? 

A day in my life consists of waking up at 5:30 am – 5:45 am every morning, drinking 3 cups of water to jump-start my system, getting my super coffee in and teaching classes. I usually teach 2-3 classes a day on top of my private clients and oftentimes work on finding new music in between classes. I use my evenings to take time for myself and to take a break from my phone, social media, etc. 

Super Coffee creates positive energy but you’re the one who spreads it. How do you remain positive or how do you inspire others to do so? 

When it comes to being positive, it isn’t something that you just wake up with every day. It’s something you work on day in and day out. Being positive is a choice and we all have a choice to see how we want to take on a new day or how we approach things, people, or situations. My best advice to others when asked, “Drew, how do you stay so positive day in and day out?”, My response to that is, it’s the only way. Life is going to happen no matter what and it will give you the best days and it will give you the worst days. In the end, whatever energy you give to these two things is what you will receive back. Might as well keep life simple and smile through the struggle. 



Published by Barry's in NUTRITION on August 16, 2021

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