Red Room Resolutions

New Year, Who Dis?

A new year brings the opportunity to start fresh, create new habits, and set your sights on something big. 

We asked Philadelphia Founding Instructor, Ryan Lewis, and New York Senior Instructor and Curriculum Mentor, Ashley Perez to shed some (red) light on 2020 resolutions.  

“I don’t consider myself to be too much of a resolution setter, but rather a goal setter,” says Ryan.  “This year I want to continue to put myself in the role of a student when it comes to sharpening my teaching skills.”


Additionally, Ryan is prioritizing finding balance, and letting loose so he can do MORE. Who else can relate?! Our hands are up! 

Ryan claims, “There are moments where you have to get down to business and work through some of the more difficult tasks (professional, personal, emotional, anything), but I think we put that emphasis on too many things at once.”

Finally, Ryan’s cleaning out the digital clutter. “I want to listen to podcasts that have more depth to them, less “ear trash”.

 Is Ryan seeing things through with 2020 vision? Follow him on Instagram to find out.

Meanwhile, in NYC, Ashley’s focus is to be kinder to herself. She claims, “I want to treat myself more how I do the ones I love.”  We can all get behind that, right? 


When we asked her how she was going to make it happen she shared these four tips.

  1.  Listen to my body. Most days I’m up and ready for a workout, others my stress level is through the roof, I haven’t slept, I haven’t even had time to eat and I’m in no place to work out. I’m going to be better about listening to what my body and give myself permission to take a day off when I need it.
  2.   Less negative self-talk. We’re our harshest critics, but I’m going to do my best to turn it around and pat myself on the back.
  3.   Eat more veggies! Oh my god, I just feel better when I do eat them…even if kale tastes like dirt. 
  4.   Hydrate! Hello? Someone give me a glass of water. 

I am always telling my clients these things but this year I want to take my own advice. The goal is progress, not perfection. 

Follow Ashley on Instagram to see how she’s doing.

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