Independent Squat Evaluation

Getting that perfect peach emoji booty is hard work, so we’ll try to make it a *little* easier for you with these tips and tricks to perfect your squat form.

Follow alongside Barry’s Senior Curriculum Mentor, Andrew Key, to make sure your form matches your function.

Fancy Feet

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. This will be different for everyone but be sure that your feet are directly forward. If you look down at your feet, your ankles should be right under your knees with toes facing the mirror (or wall) in front of you.

Andrew Key Andrew-Key

As you squat down, shift your weight from the center of your foot into your heels. To return to the standing position, push through your heel and focus on bringing your weight to the outside area of your foot. This helps to avoid your knees from collapsing in and will keep your body actively engaged the entire time.

Andrew Key


Did you know?

Even though squats are lower body dominant, your lower half has to work with your upper body in order to move through the full movement between your hips, knees, and ankles. #teamwork

Raise your arms straight above your head, in front of your body, or you take your fingers and gently place them right behind those gorgeous ears. Both of these arm/hand positions retract your shoulder blades for proper head alignment.

Barry’s Senior Curriculum Mentor, Andrew Key, doing a squat in Barry's Red Room

Squat it Like it’s Hot

Foot placement, check. Hand placement, check. Now you’re ready to go!

As you hit the lowest point of your squat, you should feel a nice stretch in that booty. Then, push through those heels to the standing position while squeezing up with your glutes and hamstrings. The big finish? End your move with a slight thrusting motion and a final squeeze. 

PRO TIP: Think of your pelvic area as a bucket full of water. Try to keep everything level with each rep so your bucket doesn’t runneth over.  

Check Yourself Out

Literally. Keeping a level gaze not only allows you to see your body in motion, but it’ll also help with alignment for your whole body.

Squat, squeeze, repeat. 


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